Fire & Desire {WMBW}

Fire & Desire {WMBW}

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Maia Black By cosmic_tvndem Updated Oct 23

Ava in MM. 

"Ava!" My roommate Darlene sang in my ear. 

"Ugh! Go away," I pushed her face away. She laughed a little before getting off of me. 

"Come on. Chop chop," She clapped her hands. 

"No," I moaned. 

"Ava, you have to go to our and find a job today," She tells me. 

"Why can't I do it tomorrow, Dee?" I queried. 

"Because I'm tired of paying for your half of the rent every single time," She answered. 

"Fine," I sat up with a sigh. 

"That's the spirit. Now get up and shower so I can change these sheets and make the bed," She tells me. I slowly get up with squinted eyes then I grabbed my phone. I slowly shuffle out of my room to the bathroom where I started up the shower. I closed and locked the bathroom door then I turned on my Bluetooth for my pink Beats Pill. I turned up the volume and started to play Worthy by Jeremih ft. Jhene Aiko. I grabbed a towel and facecloth before stripping down to my birthday suit. 

After my shower, I started drying myself off and I ...

Okay that would've been my grave right there my momma don't play
See my parents would've whoop my ass if I acted like that 😑
That bath and body works perfume smells sooooooooooooo good 😪👌💯
crazylady15 crazylady15 Jul 24
I would tell her "ok so when you need some money to go somewhere or you want something from me I'm gonna forget too"
YallLoveJae YallLoveJae Aug 15
                              MY MAMA WOULD OF SLUNG ME ACROSS THE STREET AND STOMPED ME OUT because I forgot to vacuum
atlanta_061 atlanta_061 Jul 29
and i thought i wouldn't be reading my name on wattpad no more guess i was wrong