Indominus Love (Human!Male! Indominus Rex x Reader)

Indominus Love (Human!Male! Indominus Rex x Reader)

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Congratulations on your new job at Jurassic World! Possible dangers: Discovering you are a dinosaur hybrid-turned-human, being attacked by another hybrid, falling in love with said hybrid and watching  your coworkers get brutally eaten.

Reader-chan is so not paid enough for this shit.

Cover art:

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Maybe because she's an uncaring bitch who calls the dinosaurs 'Assets'?
Name: Winter
                              Favourite Colour: Dark Green
                              Eye Colour: Gold
                              Hair Length: Waist length
                              Hair Colour: Black with purple and emerald green highlights
CrystalZebra CrystalZebra Dec 15, 2017
Name: Alice
                              Favorite color: Red
                              Eye color: blue
                              Hair length: Waist long
                              Hair color: brown with straps of blue
DiAkoSiAna DiAkoSiAna Dec 11, 2017
But why the hell will i use contacts if that is already my eye color? I'm confuse..