Indominus Love (Human!Male! Indominus Rex x Reader)

Indominus Love (Human!Male! Indominus Rex x Reader)

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edenswatcher By edenswatcher Updated Apr 01

Congratulations on your new job at Jurassic World! Possible dangers: Discovering you are a dinosaur hybrid-turned-human, being attacked by another hybrid, falling in love with said hybrid and watching  your coworkers get brutally eaten.

Reader-chan is so not paid enough for this shit.

Cover art:

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                              Favorite color:Red
                              Eye color:Emerald green
                              Hair length:waist length 
                              Hair color:Blackish blue with teal
Maybe because she's an uncaring bitch who calls the dinosaurs 'Assets'?
Name: Winter
                              Favourite Colour: Dark Green
                              Eye Colour: Gold
                              Hair Length: Waist length
                              Hair Colour: Black with purple and emerald green highlights
CrystalZebra CrystalZebra Dec 15, 2017
Name: Alice
                              Favorite color: Red
                              Eye color: blue
                              Hair length: Waist long
                              Hair color: brown with straps of blue
BlueLebza BlueLebza May 11
Because she calls everything an Asset maybe, or maybe the way she only cares about money or the way she doesn't remember her nefew's age.... I mean really the list goes on...
_Kosta_Wolf_ _Kosta_Wolf_ 6 days ago
Name: Shadow
                              Favorite Color: Purple
                              Eye Color: Stormy Grey
                              Waist length