It All Started With A Slap

It All Started With A Slap

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BishSlappingIsFun By MsJordanWallence Updated 5 days ago

"Can you get the fuck out of my face before I bitch slap you so hard that you cant reproduce "I glared at the annoying but hot bad boy in front of me

"How bout no"he taunts "your going to listen to me not the other way around "

"I'll give you three seconds to run before I bitch slap you"I say counting 

He didn't move and guess what happened I straight out bitch slapped him


Vanessa White is a classic bitch she has anger issues and a classic feisty attitude with a glare that can make you scream of fear she have barley smiled ever since this event happened never a smile it's always a smirk

Jace Ethan the classic Player and Bad boy ,gang and mafia involved jackass
He can get you to do whatever he wants in a blink of an eye like seriously

These two teenagers seem like every single other character you ever read about right well guess again because they aren't 


Madison Beer as Vanessa 

Francisco lachowski as Jace

Other characters will be revealed
 in the story later


I'll try my best to update at least every week

Love that game! But I almost got hit by a car like the times lol
It would be a shame if you spilt pasta sauce in all of these rooms
                              There should be like a weirdo squad who don't give a f if someone says bad shiz 
                              That will be my frans and I
Strippers make 500 just for like showing there upper half or somethin....but I wanna be Beyoncé so don't worry about what I said 😂😂
be_life be_life Aug 05
Actually he is mine and I am the leader of the group...sorry ladies.