Minecraft Story Mode - Lukas x (Male)Jesse x Reader

Minecraft Story Mode - Lukas x (Male)Jesse x Reader

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Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you are a member of the new Order Of The Stone.

One night, when you have a nightmare that could change everything, you and the gang go on an adventure which is soon followed by, love, chaos and disaster.

Lukas and Jesse both have feelings for you, but which one will you choose?

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I do not, in any way, own Minecraft Story Mode or any of the characters featured and I do not own you.
I do, however, own the story line.
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Yeah when Reuben died...Was VERY depressing
                              BEN: mmmm whatca say~
                              Me: not now BEN *cries in the inside*
AWAWAWAW SO KAWAII JUST LIKE DIL AND TABITHA! (if u know wat Im talking bout ur awesome)
Mha ha ha ha ha ha! U like me dont? Well let me do this for u! Godammit!
GREAT STORY!!! FIRST COMMENT!!! No? ok. also if my hair is up to the floor do I just say I wore it down? Yeah lets just go with that
Everyone keeps getting this wrong. PETRA is the warrior, JESSE is the architect and the leader like Soren.
sarucher1 sarucher1 Oct 22
"Crafting makes the dream work! " -captain sparkles reference oh episode 6 mcsm