Minecraft Story Mode - Lukas x (Male)Jesse x Reader

Minecraft Story Mode - Lukas x (Male)Jesse x Reader

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Daniel Howell By XxSisterDanielxX Completed

Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you are a member of the new Order Of The Stone.

One night, when you have a nightmare that could change everything, you and the gang go on an adventure which is soon followed by, love, chaos and disaster.

Lukas and Jesse both have feelings for you, but which one will you choose?

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I do, however, own the story line.
{Uploaded on the 17/06/16}

Fuzzyheartz Fuzzyheartz Jun 06
When you zippin up your little bros pants and you older cousin walks in
Petra is the warrior.
                              THE NEW ORDER OF THE STONE
                              Lukas the Architect
                              Petra the Warrior
                              Olivia the Redstone Engineer
                              Axel the Rogue
                              Jesse the Leader
When you actually like Jesse more than Lukas:
                              Well it may have been something,
                              Maybe not.
                              Gosh dang it now I sound like the Lutece twins from Bioshock
The-Onyx-Dragon The-Onyx-Dragon Jul 21, 2016
GREAT STORY!!! FIRST COMMENT!!! No? ok. also if my hair is up to the floor do I just say I wore it down? Yeah lets just go with that
iwannabepizza iwannabepizza Aug 03, 2016
I like it already! BTW, this is Hannah_Hatter, I'm using my brother's account
despairaddict despairaddict Sep 24, 2016
Omi I love ur name! Btw, this the majestic story I was looking for. ^_^