Nalu Lemons

Nalu Lemons

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Animelover-69 By Animelover-69 Updated Jun 19, 2016

Lucy's POV 

Me and Natsu were walking home from the guild to my house and it started raining so we had to run to my house when we got inside we were soaking wet.

"Hey Luce take your clothes off"

"What the hell! Why would I do that your still here! You prev!"

"Hey, hey! Clam down! If you don't take your clothes off you'll catch a cold"

"I rather catch a cold then take my clothes off in front of you!"

"Please just do it!"

"Fine!, just don't look"

"Why should that matter"

"Your such a prev!"

"Ok, ok i'll look away just clam down!"

Man Natsu is such a prev but he is right that I do have to take my clothes off or I will catch a cold.

But before I could take my clothes off Natsu went up behind me and grabbed me and put me on the bed Natsu only had boxers on.

"N-Natsu what are you doing!"

"Oh come on this isn't the first time i've gotten on top of you before"

Then he kissed me before I could say another word and I returned the kiss then he got off of me.

"Why did you stop?"


WeArePandamonium WeArePandamonium Dec 02, 2016
I started thinking about the best inspirational quite ever:
                              Get it because you are better than the average person? 
                              I don't know I'm stupid...
Immortalsfan1 Immortalsfan1 Aug 10, 2016
.......I have a feeling that author~Chan was imagining herself/himself as lucy/natsu
briana_0328 briana_0328 Nov 15, 2016
Just a suggestion you should use the term womanhood instead of vagina. C:
You know, I remember the time I first heard of a lemon story and that I got curious and read a nalu one. I was blushing from embarrassment the whole day! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
AAFamilyAnimeLover AAFamilyAnimeLover Nov 16, 2016
Ok so this account Animelover-69 is my old account I forgot my username and password so if you guys want you can check out my new account AAFamilyAnimeLover
Shadowmpire Shadowmpire Nov 27, 2016
Didn't say that natsu jumped on Lucy with nothing but His boxers