The School's Jerk Thinks He Owns Me [Fat Chance]

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Michele was your typical, ordinary girl (I mean, isn't that how all these novels start out? Ordinary becoming extraordinary?). When she and her family move to a new town, and a new school. There, she is thrust into an adventure of epic proportions, but all in all, till the very end, she shows that even ordinary people can have a story worth writing about. Because she is still pretty ordinary at the end.
That's my name, but it isn't spelled the same, my name is spelt Cheyanne
okay like i get she's insulting him, but why do people have to use disabilities as insults??seriously just call him a fuckb0y or a d¡ck
Havisham? I read it like Have-His-Ham and im like he have his ham? wat?
                                    *chokes on air*
                                    *ended up sounding like a choking cat*
while bitch is derogatory, rude, and not polite conversation, retard is an absolute slur and I hope insults as I continue to read will line up closer to the former.
I would be in a speacial program for English if it wasn't for my terrible grammar