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Wren | ✔ BoyxBoy

Wren | ✔ BoyxBoy

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Avii By -destinesia Completed

Bad Boy
a man who does not conform to approved standards of behaviour, especially in a particular sphere of activity.
"the bad boy of British fashion"


Wren Tressman doesn't conform to societies rules. In fact, it's like he goes out of his way to get tf away from said rules. He also despises happiness. Because that's a thing. 

But when a certain boy, a literal ray of cute, bubbly, coffee shop owning sunshine, seeps into his life like unwanted Vodka in his brain, Wren has no choice, but to go along with it. Because, hey, it might just be a little bit fun, right?

No no I don't have a tomato blender. What am I doing with my life?!
I love. Thank you, Mama. *Gives your warmest biggest hug ever*
mgsitbdc mgsitbdc 3 days ago
You're in college! You PAY to be there, so of course she cares
*enters after staring at cover for ten minutes*
                              I just came to say
                              I freaking love the cover-dude's hair.
                              Like, you really know how to get your readers, man...
taytay_stargirl taytay_stargirl 2 days ago
I would be mad cause I didn't spend all that money to listen to them lol
raneyclay raneyclay Jan 30