Naruto Neglected: Everything Gone Downhill to Hell

Naruto Neglected: Everything Gone Downhill to Hell

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What if Minato and Kushina didn't die?
What if Naruto had a brother and sister?
What if Naruto was neglected?
What if only Jade and her clan and the rookie 9 and their families cared about him?
What if they find keys that open to different dimensions?
Find out in...
Naruto Neglected: Everything Gone Downhill to Hell.

P.S there will be some plot twists
Just wanted to let you people know and yes Kurama is in this story and is a MALE, not a FEMALE.
This will also contain NaruHina.

The title is an exaggeration.

If I remember correctly, The Harunos, sakura's family, is a civilian clan,
                              Lee, again, if I'm correct is related to Guy-sensei.
Sakura dose not have a clan but it is a family kast name and lee is justba civilian that had a birth defect that dose not ket hime use chakra and only hand to hand battles
Kiyane-Uchiha Kiyane-Uchiha 4 days ago
Half way through that video I got the link so that I can download it after the chapter was over.