Miraculous Ladybug- The Next Generation

Miraculous Ladybug- The Next Generation

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You all know the story about Marinette and Adrien and their adventures as Ladybug and Chat Noir.

Have you ever wondered what other ladybug and cat miraculous holder's stories are like?

We travel to Sydney, Australia. Hayley Maxwell and Jordan Patterson are arch rivals. They HATE each other. One day, they become superheros. Not knowing who their partner really is, they fall in love. Will they be able to see past the mask? Will they fall in love without it? What will happen if they reveal their identities.

Course language is used in this fan fiction.

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Holapeople168 Holapeople168 Jul 31, 2017
If you think about it it's not even a bloody triangle they like each other I like to think of it as a circle if Mari starts liking chat not then Adrien then vice cerca Will happen cause of Mari's nerves so it's a bloody circle no start no end no points just one