Septiplier Fluff Shots

Septiplier Fluff Shots

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It's dead guys By The_Beanie_Babe Updated 6 days ago

Just some fluffy and some sad one shots.
Fluff means cute/adorable couple stuff like pickup lines, noseboops, giggles and cuteness!!

--12/8/16: #878 in Fanfiction--


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ThePersonNamedAlex ThePersonNamedAlex Nov 21, 2017
I went to google translate and it’s said “A stupid big stomach who loves his computer more for food.” Lol beautiful
Sheepy-sheep Sheepy-sheep Jun 11, 2017
You used the wrong kind of course. You used coarse but it should be course. Just thought you should know.
septiplier_awayXD septiplier_awayXD Jun 27, 2017
Did jack just run to Mark's house all the way from Ireland!!??? Jesus's Christ
materino materino Aug 01, 2017
you've got six blankets, a chica, and now a tyler on you. you want an ethan too?
satanher5elf satanher5elf Mar 16, 2017
From what google translate has told me, I'm guessing it says "A big stupid dip shít who loves his computer more than my food/cooking. " I'm sure that's wrong as I don't speak this language whatsoever.
Jackspedicey22 Jackspedicey22 Sep 15, 2017
I'm good at Irish! (I think..?)"Big stupid swimming stick loves computer more like food"  
                              I hope its right...