To Be His Fake Girlfriend #Wattys2016

To Be His Fake Girlfriend #Wattys2016

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Kind, young and beautiful Zara Landen is the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the country. With her dad owning a chain of restaurants, her mom being one of the world's most renowned designers and her brother holding the prize of international speed racer, you'd expect her to be snobbish beyond words.

Arrogant, rude and hot Aryan Youth is the next and only heir to Youth Hotels. A branch of five star hotels founded for the upper end of society.

Coming from the same sort of world, you'd expect the two to be similar. However, despite the two's family status, they are miles apart when it comes to personality and character.

So when Aryan hires Zara to be his fake girlfriend without knowing who she really is, hell is bound to break loose.

With stuck up parents, jealous girls and a month of charity events, Zara learns how the not-so-nice rich treat the people who are supposedly lower than them.

How long will Zara be able to hide her secret when she's constantly being treated like nothing?

How long before she crumbles under the pressure?

And how long before Aryan's parents and 'friends' begin to regret their actions?

It's the wealthy against the 'not-so-wealthy', the bullies against the bullied and the obnoxious ones against the modest ones in To Be His Fake Girlfriend.

Warning: The first few chapters are a little boring because I am human, I go to school, I have teenage break downs and I have parents who do parent-y things. However, I swear, it gets better!

*Amazing cover made by yvania.*

EllysRobot EllysRobot Jul 12
I'm fine with Zara POV, but I wouldn't mind an Aryan POV sprinkled in here and there
Does anyone else notice how the shampoo bottle disappears???
tpowe145 tpowe145 Aug 02
I don't like it, he doesn't want a girlfriend... Ahhhhh, what da heck?
izombie2018 izombie2018 Jun 30
If u do a quote at least have a short story after it to make ur word that more great when u write
sidhu_nov sidhu_nov Aug 01
I would love to have Zara's pov most of the time, but would like to have Aryan's too
Oh my god, this is so original!
                              In my 2 years (not this account, its new) of having wattpad, not once have I seen a story like this one :)))
                              And btw, I loooovvveee Aryan already, the recklessness did the trick ;)