Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally Unavailable

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a. By shprism Updated Dec 01

Book Two of The C19 Series. SKYENAMI AU

"...some stars diminish into smaller
ones and fade off behind the sun's shadow; others choose to supernova and turn 
into the black hole of your life.."

After their dramatic separation last year in June, 20 year old Kehlani and 19 year old Nirahmara seemed to have adapted very different perspectives of what it means to "live life".
But what happens when the past threatens to ruin someone's new beginning? 

Their bestfriends Dinah, Lauren, Camila and Ally witness as these stubborn lovers try to interpret the past, all while healing one another's wounds.

Sequel to Cloud Nineteen.

cover by me, written by me.

I read this again and tbh it really breaks my heart 😞😩
- - Jul 30
It's only chapter 2 and this book is getting intense 😂 I like all the Mara POVs but I'm ready to see what the others are doing. 😭 besides Lauren cause clearly we just seen.
Never in a million years would I think she'd get a tat and that just shows how much she's changed I LOVEEEEEEE
- - Jul 30
So Mara be having dreams about this stuff...visions I guess. Interesting.
- - Jul 28
Girl if you don't stop hiding things from her. She don't even know the real you, smh
Badgalmuva Badgalmuva Aug 04
Mara knows! That text she was writing to Mani about someone cleaning blood like her life depended on it makes sense now