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Why Me?...(Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles cross over)

Why Me?...(Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles cross over)

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Addison Weasley By DarkFantasy01 Completed

Sadie Kane, a 14 year old, a host of Isis. and here I am heart broken, Walt cheated on me with Jazz!!! What did I ever do wrong? I can't with Anubis because 1.) my over protective brother won't let me date someone way to old, 2.) Anubis is a god.  Percy Jackson a 16 year old, son of Poseidon, he'd just broken up with Annabeth cause their meant to be friends and she understands. What will happen when Sadie stumbles upon camp Half blood, and falls for the one and only Percy Jackson, or will she block herself out not wanting more heartbreak. Read to find out when Sadie is thrust into a world of Greeks and is needed to complete a quest. Percy Jackson Love story.   I WILL REPORT IF YOU STEAL MY IDEA!!!

lexisnicole798 lexisnicole798 Oct 26, 2015
I fully ship Sadie and anubis and percabeth but I will give you a chance
Sylva12 Sylva12 Oct 02, 2015
Just like     
                              Right there in front of me I SEA green eyes 
                              Get it sea see
                              Sorry I love Grammer jokes
Daughters-of-Artemis Daughters-of-Artemis Jun 17, 2015
Oh my gods. I'm not the first one to think up the 'Walt cheats on Sadie with Jaz' idea!
superregalunicorn superregalunicorn Aug 21, 2014
I just noticed you have Peyton List on your cover. Kinda hard imagining Sadie looking like PeyPey.
idobelieveinfairies1 idobelieveinfairies1 Mar 30, 2014
@DarkFantasy01 yeah, but in the book they call them sea green eyes. but it's okay I guess
DarkLuv01 DarkLuv01 Nov 27, 2013
u know wat ads? just ignore the useless comments... just report them and delete them ok? or simply.......... LET ME DEAL WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D