Transformers Lemon

Transformers Lemon

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Texiut By Texiut Updated Jan 21

Different Transformers Lemons ~ Requests CLOSED: any Universe, HumanXCyber, T-OrganicXCyber, CyberXCyber, HumanXHuman

Transformers is owned by hasbro not me. I only own the Storyline and the 'reader'.

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TaraMullis TaraMullis Jan 24
And can you add Bumblebee,Ironhide,Jazz,Soundwave,Ratchet,Knockout,Starscream,Megatron,Sideswipe,Sunstreaker,Optimus Prime,WheelJack please? Can you make it a character and human reader please?
Yes!! Take a break!!!
                              Ratchet is actually fun and nice inside guys!
*bucket on head**wearing apron**holding garbage tin lid as shield**also holding a spatula*
                              I'm ready
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Sep 01, 2016
He's awfully's kinda creepy. Especially if you only know him as the grump bot.
SG_DawnChaser SG_DawnChaser Dec 26, 2016
As a fellow lemon writer myself....that was beautiful and hot.
Ratchets only grumpy when he wants to be also does anyone know who's on that cover? It's on the tip of my toung and I can't figure it's bugging me haha