Wish : Graphic Shop [CLOSED]

Wish : Graphic Shop [CLOSED]

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트둥이 여친 🌙 By mayamichiru Updated Dec 16, 2016

• I'm someone who didn't care about the rules so you can decide to follow it or not~
Be free yo~!
• I'm sorry if my works didn't that great. Becuz I'm not that perfect~ hehe

Trust me, then I do the best for you!

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seokbin seokbin Aug 12, 2016
title: the TAG Book
                              genre: random
                              mood: happy
                              colour: pink
                              cast: none? If not then Min Yoongi
                              password: taeyeon-ah
seokbin seokbin Aug 12, 2016
title: Australian Idiot
                              genre: fanfiction
                              mood: sad
                              colour: navy blue
                              cast: Park Jimin
                              password: taeyeon-ah
angelagdalis angelagdalis Aug 08, 2016
Title : Legendary Gangsters Crest
                              Genre : Action
                              Mood : Strong 
                              Colour : Depends but black may do
                              Cast : Dahyun (Twice) V (BTS)
                              Password : Taeyeon ah!!
seokbin seokbin Aug 12, 2016
title: ice-cream
                              genre: fanfiction 
                              mood: happy?
                              colour: pastels 
                              cast: Kim Taehyung
                              password: taeyeon-ah
                              *question* may I request a set? Like comment requests for my other books? :3
ellykimberly__ ellykimberly__ Oct 14, 2016
Title : We Are Family 
                              Summary : When 8 idols are hosting a new variety show
                              Mood : Happy, Fun, Adventures
                              Genre : Comedy sometimes, there's love
                              Colours : I don't really care, it's up to you
                              Cast : Jung Eunji 
                              Password : Taeyeon-ah
flower_boy_kookie flower_boy_kookie Sep 17, 2016
Title: I love you daddy
                              Summary: jungkook having a crush on his teacher which is actually his dad
                              Genre: romance,school life,angst,incest
                              Color: baby blue and baby pink 
                              Suggestions:can you put jungkook and joonie on the cover 
                              Cast:joonie,jungkook,jimin,basically all the members of bts