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Good Girl Gone Bad(BOOK 1)[BEING EDITED]

Good Girl Gone Bad(BOOK 1)[BEING EDITED]

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AGlassHalfEmpty By AGlassHalfEmpty Completed

Before I knew it, two strong hands were gripping my waist pulling me towards them. I turned around and he began kissing me I could feel his tounge playing around in my mouth as I played around in his,then he began sucking my bottom lip. This was the kinda of kiss little kids shouldn't see. Hell this was a kiss no one should be allowed to see! I trailed my fingers through his tangled hair, wanting him even more now. He picked me up and walked me upstairs still kissing me forcibly. I could have pulled away. I could have even demanded him stop it. But I was to busy experiencing my whole body coming alive like a lime wire. Once we made it up stairs. he threw me on the bed. I wasn't really sure whose bed this was but I really didn't care at the moment. This wasn't what I imagined my first time being at. Upstairs in a strangers bed. But as long as he held me i was okay. He began pulling my shirt off and exposing my breasts. He looked at them with a grin. I rolled my eyes and pulled him back down to me. The kissing went on. I stuck my hands up his shirt and yanked it open breaking some of the buttons. "Did you really have to break my shirt?" he asked while still kissing me, twining his fingers in my blond hair. "Oh don't be a baby you can get a new one" I said through breaths now getting to his pants. "Oh so now you wanna break stuff. Fine I can play that game to" he said and just to prove he wasn't kidding he ripped off my bra straps and he threw it on the floor. I looked at him wide eyed. "What the hell" "Hey you broke my shirt. It's fair" he said as he pulled my face back down to his. I had managed to get his pants off and he had managed to get mine off to. He took my thigh running his fingers up it softly. As he pulled it over his waist then came my panties he used his teeth to pull them off. It made my eyes roll to the back of my head. Every touch he made felt like heat. Then he took off is boxers oh boy.

fiveSOS_AsF fiveSOS_AsF Dec 21, 2015
After reading the summary I have no choice but to think of Chuck Bass and Serena. (Yes Ik that those two aren't together but I ship them so hard so too bad)
The-American-Nerd The-American-Nerd Feb 19, 2014
If you want I can be your editor and if you say yes we can discuss the payment?  
shelbs_burford shelbs_burford Nov 23, 2013
Iv finished reading the story now and I'm a bit confused I'm only 12 years old!!!
shelbs_burford shelbs_burford Nov 23, 2013
Wow this book is amazing can't wait to read ten next chapter
Gitchie Gitchie Apr 17, 2013
Update! Wanna know what happens!!! Spent all day readin this! :)
Anisha7 Anisha7 Jun 08, 2012
Nt yet started reading..... Actually read the first few paragraphs.... Sounds gud.. Even read all te comments... CNt wait