QingYu FanFic : It's Okay It's Love

QingYu FanFic : It's Okay It's Love

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Soul Kisser By chocolate_corn Updated Oct 25, 2016

Love has no labels. Dayu can felt it in his heart.
Love is about make our partner in love feeling happy, love never forced your love to love you back, if you forced them it's wasn't love it was an obsession. 
This is love for dayu.. 

So dayu give the best for his love. The one and only qing.

Even qing didn't know about his feelings. Dayu still loving qing with all his heart.
Even if dayu feel hurt because of it , but it doesn't matter for dayu. He just want to qing being happy.

But dayu got his limit.. He can't hold his feelings.. 

What will happen next?
Will dayu one sided love can be love return?

Let's see.


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Jenniferekberg12 Jenniferekberg12 Aug 26, 2016
Is it only me that gets a bit irritaded when theres emojis in the story?
louiseaja louiseaja Jun 16, 2016
nice story.. please update soon.. thanks for ur hardworks.. jaiyou
shiraaichan shiraaichan Jun 16, 2016
Udah baca ahaha cepet yaa, cedih yaa dayu nyembunyiin perasaannya qing nya ga peka ih
_OrangeMarmalade_ _OrangeMarmalade_ Jun 21, 2016
Hello... dapat link ini dari QingYu Ina barusan dan lgsg meluncur hehehe...
                              That was a good start, looking forward for more ^^
NaylaLeonRobles NaylaLeonRobles Aug 06, 2016
Like the storyline  misconception of what others are thinking or feeling always seem to make us more miserable  than need be .
NaylaLeonRobles NaylaLeonRobles Aug 07, 2016
Story line progressing with the denial of feelings , the obstacle and resolution  please continue on enjoying  it