Helari's Mate

Helari's Mate

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NIQUE By _laciela Updated Sep 06, 2016

["Break Me, Mate" Spin-off Novella]

"What the hell, I thought she was supposed to fix me? It seems like she wants to murder me with the way she's making the room freeze!" He shouted.

"She wants to kill you." Scar said as he finished tying the cloth around my eyes.

"What? Why?" He asks, in disbelief.

"Can't you tell?" Mikhail asks and I swear I could have sliced his throat just from the mere tone of his voice. 
It was then that I felt it... the warm touch on the palm of my hand, but the brief sense of relief that came was just that- brief... and then I gripped my dress hard. So hard it threatened to be torn from it's threads. Scar placed a hand on it and released a spell into my skin that distracted me just enough to suppress the urge... 

"Whoa." The voice in front of me mutters. "You- you're my- you're-"

"She's your what, son? Quit being so cheeky and spit it out!" His father, Oliver, yells.

"Mate." I say quietly- silencing the room.


Helari was a woman of power. Born into the world as a powerful creature that no one could identify- she remained in the shadows and chose to help those that she could from there. She was immortal, ancient, and even more importantly... cursed. After years and years of which she'd lost count, Helari has spent her years searching for... Him.

And now that she has- she's about to re-learn and remember the feeling of losing power and fighting to control the monsters that she'd grown within her... For a young boy who barely remembers a past, Helari will do anything to fight her most dreadful fear- history repeating itself...

Over and over again...

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jammyjamjham jammyjamjham Jun 25, 2016
Wait so is this story about her husband or she has a new mate after her husband?