Runaway Luna

Runaway Luna

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Banana Basher By IBrokeMyAlarmClock Updated Oct 19

Charlotte Colton's. The name has a ring to it, I mean come on! You could call her CeCe for short just because of a letter took from her first and last name. Well, that's not the point. This girl is danger and is as fast as you can say 'Here' in a school role call.

The little girl you treated like trash ain't so little now. She's done with everything, which means you've angered her. Her wolf was on the same ride so her too. Yeah sure, right now she isn't that strong because of your hits and scars you left on her, but wait until you meet her again because she's coming to get you for what you did. Karma and Revenge are going to hit you in the face like the knife you stabbed her in the back with...

Running. Hurt. Afraid. Done. Miserable. Angry. The only emotions she knows but when Alpha Jake Rivers comes along in all his glory, things change. Did I mention she's not on good terms with authority?


( Warning; My first story, isn't all roses and blossoms, isn't really a good one either. Pictures used aren't in any way mine. Descriptive mature language wise. Not all that great, but eh. UNEDITED. Not made to impress just for fun. If you don't like, don't read! )

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Wow, captivating beginning and well written, Keep up the good work
If anyone doesn't know what a "Delta" is, it's a wolf training to be Beta. The third rank after Alpha and Beta