Ed Sheeran - Dirty imagines. (upload from tumblr)

Ed Sheeran - Dirty imagines. (upload from tumblr)

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LouWilliamTommo By LouWilliamTommo Updated May 23, 2014

I opened my eyes and saw the alarm clock said 2:56 AM. Why was I up this early? I tried going back to sleep but it was useless. Ed had his back to me but I was 100% certain he was still asleep because I could hear his steady, deep and rhythmic breathing. I slipped out of bed and felt the cosy carpet around my feet. From the box of 'toys' under the bed I grabbed four sets of handcuffs. I smiled at my sudden horniness and the vulnerability Ed was in right now. I attached his left foot to one post on the bed, he was a heavy sleeper so dragging his right foot and cuffing it to the other side of the bed was no problem. By the time I had finished attaching his hands to the bedposts Ed was stirring. 

"Baby, baby what, what you doing?" His eyes were closed he looked like a lost puppy. 

"Wakey, wakey, Eddy-pie." I lulled softly.

"What the hell are you doing babe and why am I handcuffed?" Ed said suddenly awake.

Instead of answering him I kissed along his collarbone leaving little love bites...

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