Reject Me Will Ya? Like I Care!

Reject Me Will Ya? Like I Care!

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Queen Of Sarcasm By Doggylover5000 Updated Feb 19

Ok Carmen's Carmen and will she find love?

Ok look I'm joking, Let's skip this bull! It's obvious what my story is about, so let's do this! 

Give my story a chance, I'm not a professional but hey, ya might like it! 

Oh and I don't feel like writing the whole copy right thing cause y'all know, don't steal anyone else's stuff! If it was yours would ya want someone else stealin it? Heck no! So yeah just don't!

  • alpha
  • badass
  • dominance
  • regret
  • rejection
  • werewolf
The fight is literally me if someone takes my food or even touches it with their food/spoon
meganserka meganserka Apr 16
I like the little girl as she runs up to the new alpha. Emily totally ignores the dead body as she cuddles up
Constellation-Writer Constellation-Writer Jun 19, 2016
❤️❤️❤️❤️ update as soon as possible you are an amazing writer!!
Yay someone who doesn't end up heartbroken and in all that pain sweet
MadHupo MadHupo Dec 29, 2016
Wow just started reading this and I already think the main character is awesome.  She's so fuckin badass.
PotterXbvtch PotterXbvtch Jul 15, 2016
I thought werewolves fight in their wolf form if they get challenged