Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOON}

Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOON}

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THESE SHORT HORROR STORIES ARE BOUND TO GIVE YOU SOME NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!                                                                                                    

[Selected by 'the walking dead' for the best of Horror and Paranormal ]

*Not all stories are mine*.

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I have a creepy story!
                              I used to be fine with the coats shadows hanging from my bedroom door whilst I slept, but then I realised I put all my jackets down the stairs at night
kkloer kkloer Dec 04
So this actually happened 
                              Today me and my friend found 
                              A class 6C notebook 
                              Our school doesn’t have class 6C
I have I need! I use to be fine when I heard my cat and dog scratching the wood at night. It's now a lot more unsettling since they died 5 years ago.
Killer clown+babysitter+twins=perfect story
                              Plz do. (Parents go on date night only to hire the clown to kill Jess (Jess is babysitter) and ends up killing the parents, kids, and Jess)
Are you really going to delete this ...? I really love this!!
I'm brazilian and I'm so excited to read my first book in english *-*