Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOON}

Short Horror Stories {DELETING SOON}

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THESE SHORT HORROR STORIES ARE BOUND TO GIVE YOU SOME NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!                                                                                                    

[Selected by 'the walking dead' for the best of Horror and Paranormal ]


*Not all stories are mine*.
If any of these are your stories I can give you credit or take them down, just message me so I know :)
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MuteAyess MuteAyess May 18
I was looking for Tourette Syndrome stories, How did I end up here.
GaryDorking GaryDorking Jun 03
It turns out I'm already following you on Instagram. Splendidly twisted. on that basis, I'll trust your judgment and have a read!
Okay, this "bound to give you nightmares" sounds like a challenge, I'm all up for that
u better not delete it, i intend to read it, and that is gonna take a while
Sorry spoilers but
                              Sayori's death in Doki Doki Literature Club?