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❝ you'll never know the murderer sitting next to you  ❞ 

JUNIPER SOLO stays in her room every single day. Scared. Bruised. The only times she walks out is when no one is in the house anymore. 

ONE DAY she made the mistake of going out of her room when she didn't know he was home. 

That's how it started. 

She began to disobey. 

To ignore. 


Until it became too much for him. 

He tried to kill her. 

Something happened to him that she thought she'd done. 

She did. 



this is gonna be set in the same timeline as the movies but the storyline might change a bit because it's easier for me to write. 


1. heathens - twenty one pilots
2. haunting - halsey
3. bittersweet tragedy - melanie martinez
4. dead to me - melanie martinez
5. savages - marina and the diamonds 


ksenia solo as juniper solo 

hayley atwell as aurora bishop 


[ WARNING : mentions of abuse,and possibly a lot of other bad things so yo...

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