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Melissa By MultiplePersonality Updated Jan 06, 2011

Selena lives a life that was beyond perfect. Smart and beautiful like a living Barbie doll.
So perfect that means that she doesn't have a flaw right?
Well, there is one little thing that she hides from everyone else. She's a real life spell casting witch. Some may consider witches to be fiction but she's one of the few witches to survive century after century. And her best friend has the ability to control fire. Both of them have powers with unending boundaries, what if it's too much that it might take them over? or worse, turn them against each other?

What if one day Selena's perfect little world turns upside down?

MultiplePersonality MultiplePersonality Feb 20, 2011
@LaLaLa95 hahaha ! iknowright !!! you can search it on youtube :3 it's awesome !! :)
MultiplePersonality MultiplePersonality Dec 23, 2010
@chairsniffa oh yea. I have to edit my mistakes :D maybe i was too excited to post that i didnt even check it at the last minute !! :D haha thanks again !! <3
MultiplePersonality MultiplePersonality Dec 23, 2010
@chairsniffa oreally?? haha yea IKR :D thanks again for checking my works !!! :D
chairsniffa chairsniffa Dec 23, 2010
Keep up the good work, a few mistakes but I am sure it will get more popular as more people read it so good stuff! 
chairsniffa chairsniffa Dec 23, 2010
Great stuff! Everyone on here seems to write about vampires so witch stories are like a breath of fresh air, nice work!!!!
MultiplePersonality MultiplePersonality Dec 21, 2010
@RapidBlaze Haha thanks for the tip and thanks for reading :D <3