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#AIIYL By PSYVEN Updated Dec 03

▸   She has no emotions, no feelings and no pain. Only a void in her heart.

                            ❝My collection is complete.❞

   PSYVEN, 2017

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NeXo-ChAn NeXo-ChAn Jul 21
Ayumi and I are the same in that fact, I'm glad we have somethings in common! MAKES ME HAPPY YYEEAAHH, I wonder what else we have in common ❤️
Omg ayas from mad father right?!  Plz tell me im doing a fanfic about diabolik lovers  but its not about aya its about that puppet girl named mary who was trapped in a world filled with saddnes and no sun
Trust me it didn't suck...tbh IT WAS THE BEST THING IVE EVER READ...I SHIP AYA AND HER MASTER PRETTY HARD!! (Sorry for the caps)
I feel like I am reading a story about my  sister her name is aya lol