Is It Love? Shelby X Max Fanfic

Is It Love? Shelby X Max Fanfic

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MistyMay02 By MistyMay02 Updated Aug 26

Ok, I suck at these, and its my first story that im writing! Pls be nice! Im writing on a phone!

Max is a hot headed and angry guy who is always grumpy.......

Shelby is a sweet and bubbly girl who is always smiling......

Whats happens when these two opposites meet? Is it an enemy...... or is it love?

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Me: Don't you mean new GIRL
                              Max: Shut up, Aaliyah.
                              Me: Ok...
Me: oh y'all gonna get smacked across head!
                              Max: Shut the heck up 
                              Me: NEVER MUHAHAHAHU
                              Max: ugly
                              Me: dof
                              Max: -_- shut up
                              Me: only if I win ;)
                              Max: fine
Meh: Maxy has a cru-
                              Max: *is red and puts hand over Charleen's mouth*
                              Meh: mhngnhb
I dress me and only me I don't care if I look like a slob and not matching
*sarcastic voice* 
                              Yes because frozen is the best thing to compare ships to! Lol!
IamSage88 IamSage88 Jul 02, 2016
I love how seeing frozen made her an expert in falling in love.