The Crystal Warrior

The Crystal Warrior

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Maree Anderson By MareeAnderson Completed

THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR, Book One of The Crystal Warriors series

A career-focused dancer who's sworn off men...
A cursed crystal warrior on borrowed time....

Chalcedony (Chalcey) is too busy planning the launch of her dance studio to fret about the absence of men in her life. Besides, she's hanging out for the man of her dreams--if such a creature exists. Her ordered world is turned on its head when she's given a wulfenite crystal, and Lord Wulfenite, Keeper of the Shifting Sands fief, emerges... and kisses her like there’s no tomorrow.  

Before she realizes what’s truly at stake, Chalcey has bonded with Wulf and his life is in her hands. And with the Crystal Guardian’s final test looming, Chalcey must confront her feelings for Wulf... and find a way to save him before it’s too late.

Winner: RWNZ Clendon Award (for full-length romantic manuscript)

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AmandaVShane AmandaVShane May 26, 2017
Very cool start to this story. Now I'll have to go get the whole thing. I like the dance theme 🙂
12345ahmad 12345ahmad Oct 27, 2016
I had this book before n my library and had finished it but I wanted to re read it a few months later and couldn't find it there. I have been looking since then for it by writing the names of blue gemstones because I knew it had something to do with it. And, FINALLY I found it.
octoberlove octoberlove Oct 27, 2013
Just read this chapter, you are so talented! Loved it and kept me wanting to read more.
- - Aug 02, 2013
Im Not Gonna Lie I Didnt Get the Prologue I Didnt Understand What They Were Saying Or What Was Happening But Other Than That I Loved It
MareeAnderson MareeAnderson Jun 03, 2012
@carebear812 Thanks! I hope there's no spelling mistakes, either. Otherwise I'll be most embarrassed!
carebear812 carebear812 Jun 03, 2012
wow. this book is amazing i love it! your such a good writer, there aren't any spelling mistakes that i saw which made it 10 times better. plus it shows that you really care about writing! again this is a really good book!