Running With The Wolves -Teen Wolf Fanfiction

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Blaine McCall misses her family, but who wouldn't if they haven't saw them in three years, and she wants to go home. The only problem is that her family, her brother, Scott and mother, Melissa don't want her back just yet, due to how "unsafe" Beacon Hills is. But when she buys a one way plane ticket home, she realizes how dangerous it can be, and how fast she can get thrown into it all.
Dang it I'm on season 3a so I can't read this cause I don't want spoilers :( BUT I WILL READ SOON!
I'm going to give this book a chance and read it. I've ready many Teen Wolf fan fictions and I hope this is different- in a good way.
Love it so far it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. It made me happy!!!