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Heather Morris By Heatheranno Completed

Two teens are transported into a primitive world.

Fiercely strong Andie, and her geeky little brother Dylan, are thrust into the world of Roan. 

Their Valekin hosts seem to think they were sent by the Gods in order to bring peace, but the Gods are not what they seem.

Now it will take all of Andie's fighting skills and Dylan's considerable intelligence for them to stay alive long enough to find their way home.  

For as the Valekins focus on their Graecore enemies; a tyrannical madman secretly plots to raise a massive army of dead soldiers that will annihilate everyone.  
The only thing he needs to complete the spell is Dylan's blood.

While Dylan comes of age through terror and tragedy Andie struggles to protect him and deal with her growing feelings for prince Hagen.
Feelings that could cost them both, their lives.

Beautiful cover by @Sapphire_2721. Check out all her amazing work.

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CAMalosh CAMalosh Mar 07
What about 'rattling around in her brain' or 'burning inside her mind'? Just a thought.
Zquad121 Zquad121 Feb 09
                              Loved the chapter. The description was so amazing I really have no words to explain. I loved how you explained the MC's character. Looking forward to read more 😊
MG1440 MG1440 Mar 03
Nice way to  weave that character description about Dylan naturally into the action of the story.
MissKYLex MissKYLex Jan 22
 #commentsquad You did an excellent job weaving in details into the fabric of the tale. There are do many questions which circle in my mind and leave me wanting answers. Great first chapter!
bsgirl05 bsgirl05 Dec 01, 2017
First of all, the writings are presented skilfully. I'm surprised and really caught up in the mystery. Well done  #commentsquad
S_Clifton S_Clifton Feb 24
Yes, but don't forget, he was a Karate master and probably has  muscles of steel! 😁