Dance With Me? (Dancetale! SansXReader)

Dance With Me? (Dancetale! SansXReader)

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Sanspai's Babe By Quinzarra Updated Jan 04

Dancing was your life. You never could've asked for much more. You loved your fans, your friends, and your life. But, hip-hop was illegal for an unknown purpose. You practiced hip-hop everyday out in the allys. You even performed for people you were so good.

But, one day you were found dancing in an ally and was taken to jail. You didn't give up on dancing. You danced in your cell no matter what it took. You were tazed, beaten, and you even got bullied around by the guards.

Find out what happens next...

Space_tears Space_tears 2 days ago
When do I get Arrested? I can't go back there the country jail was so cold
Neko_The_Cat Neko_The_Cat Nov 27, 2016
I literally threw my phone and knee slapped I was like "WOAH HOLY CRAP OKAY LET'S DO THIS"
ComicAgatha ComicAgatha Nov 26, 2016
If i wear tgat in reality everyone will call me cute and i said im not cute and they said Yes u are
BryannaWolf BryannaWolf Dec 24, 2016
(Starts squealing in class cuz of manga) what I didn't do nothing(and that's how I got the nickname fan girl in my fad arts class, there was a she to so..
UndertaleTrash454 UndertaleTrash454 Dec 14, 2016
.. that's wack bro 
                              Fell: What did you do to her fresh
                              Fresh: I didn't do anything dog
                              😐 Just no
EllieThePunnyFangirl EllieThePunnyFangirl Dec 21, 2016
Omfg people like me? In a good way?
                              That's a GREAT and DRASTIC change