Hunter & his Prey (H&HP Series #1)

Hunter & his Prey (H&HP Series #1)

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Shruthi By shruthii Completed

O, the name which threatens every shifter in the country. No one has ever actually seen O, whose victims are always the Alpha's. The pack wolves despise him while the rogues adore this killer.

Duncan Rhoades, new Alpha of the Emperor pack is on a hunt. Having sworn to take revenge for his father's death he wants to hunt, torture and kill this mysterious murderer O.

He had perfectly planned his hunt when he had set foot on the Supreme Pack where O has been currently taking refuge. But there was one unexpected glitch in his perfect plan. He had never hoped to find Seline, his mate, who he thinks is O's sister.

Spellbound1001 Spellbound1001 Dec 06, 2016
Yes. Because that is exactly what you say to a little boy. Teach him to grow up to be a murderer. Excellent life lesson.
ILoveMikumoMD ILoveMikumoMD Jul 12, 2016
when i was reading at the middle part of the story i had goosebumps already at this very first epi. i freaking love  your every work author. Write more please *Grin* :-)
rabuissa rabuissa Apr 01, 2016
How many books r in this series? Are they continuations of the story or spin-offs for other characters in the story? R they completed?
PapiChubi PapiChubi Jan 16
Yup. On the way when ur pup is born when it's 1 week tell it that u can kill the whole nation becuz nationwide is not on ur side
soccergoals soccergoals Jan 23
Maybe it's because of my morals/beliefs, but I don't think this little boy should be raised for revenge. Isn't living a happy, long life a kick in the rouges arse? Why lose another childhood for the sake of revenge? He might as well have died in the attack because he sure as heck isn't the same.
keenwriterone keenwriterone Jan 18, 2016
Sorry.I was so immersed in the book that I forgot to vote and commeny.Superb.