Passions Of Past

Passions Of Past

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Darkstaroreo By Darkstaroreo Completed

Ciara marries the man of her dreams after a unexpected break up with the first man she loved. But dreams aren't reality when you step blindly into the world of the mafia. The man she thought was perfect is far from it. Everything in her world is turned upside down as Gentle turns to rough, a faithful husband becomes a boisterous cheater all while she has to remain silent and in the background.

Until one morning When Ciara wakes up with a secret and a new reason to escape her life. Fed up with staying in the background she picks up and leaves Italy settling down into a small town in Kansas where she finds love again.

With a new husband and a family at risk she never let's her guard down. Always viligant and following her ex husband where abouts.  she can't be happier to find out he has re married his mistress several years later. With foolish thinking She reluctantly drops her guard thinking he has moved on from her....but what happens when he happens to catch a glance of his past.

  • cheating
  • exchange
  • hate
  • interracial
  • mafia
  • mature
  • mob
  • student
DYamilet DYamilet Oct 13, 2017
Me encartaria leer las noveles, pero sólo se español 😕 no existe algo alterno donde se lo pueda leer en español ?
nupurtyagi18 nupurtyagi18 Jun 16, 2016
Quite interesting frankly didn't expected that n Cara Mia wht u did is wht any girl will do trust me
acheairs acheairs Jun 16, 2016
I would have left then and there.  No second chances, nothing.  The fact that it will most likely get worse before she leaves is going to be sad but at least she didn't just take that crap.
AnUnoriginal AnUnoriginal Aug 12, 2016
Ciara: Ciro, it's 2 pm you can look at the goodies now. 😂😂
MarieV28 MarieV28 Jun 16, 2016
Oh come here I'm going to stick something up that stuck up ass
MarieV28 MarieV28 Jun 16, 2016
Another life of pain & hardship because of stupid arrogant lying pigs