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Zane Ro'Meave [Zane X Reader]

Zane Ro'Meave [Zane X Reader]

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🐢 Tordle Lover 🐢 By MelodiousNightWolf Completed

You are a childhood friend of Aph, Zane, Garroth, and Vylad. But you and Zane were always a bit... closer... than you were with everyone else...  Hehe... my fangirl senses are tingling... This is in Phoenix Drop High, By the way.

ZenixCelty ZenixCelty Apr 26
Yea! lets have a movie night! while everyones asleep! and we are the only ones up! no way if anyone wakes up and see's me in there with him they won't think its ssexual
I guess Garroth learned how to break down door...From Garte, cause he just burst through the door like Garroth does. XD
                              HALP MEH IRENE!
                              I'M GONNA DIE OF FANGIRLISM!
                              (Seriously, I have butterflies in my stomach and I feel like I'm gonna puke, and I wasn't feeling that way until I read this.)
Ryoko here, Of course me and Travis would be friends...Perv buddies FTW
um.... we cuddled then night away...................... good to know.........
Let's just pretend it's High School Of The Dead cuz Anime and the drama gets reallllll. Also NINE TAILED FOX?!? I LOVE FOXES BUT NINE TAILS?!? HOW DO U FIGHT?!?