With Pride

With Pride

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N. B. Allen By redtopic127 Updated Dec 15, 2016

(For the people in Orlando, our hearts are with them.)

"What brings you here to the city then? If it's not to see the world," I looked over at Sean as I took a sip from my cup.

"Maybe I just wanted to go somewhere where I feel at home," Sean slowly walked over to me.

"Or maybe I'm running from my past that I refuse to tell anyone," He smirked.

"Just to find that one person who's willing to break through my walls, take me somewhere full of love and adventure," He was so close to me, we were only a breath a way. My heart was getting louder by the minute.

"Or maybe, just maybe, I'm here in the city just so I can prove that I'm worth more than anyone bargained for," He leaned in as he spoke to me. But he stopped right before our lips touched.

"Why are you here?" I could feel his breath on me. Gulping, I answered. "I'm here to prove that love has no labels," and with that I smashed my lips against his.


Ezra has always been considered the perfect child. He had good grades, loving family, good car, and also he graduated. Ezra was no different than the kid next door. Who is his best friend.

Except there is one detail that some might consider imperfect.

Ezra is gay.

Now this has never been a problem for Ezra until his parents find out. So he does the only thing he can, he runs.

Several months later, now he's in college. How? No idea. 

Only thing is, Ezra has yet to see his family ever since that day. Then here comes along, some random guy asking him what is he running from?

Last time Ezra checked, that only happens in movies. So what the heck? 

Sean is a one of a kind person. That's literally the only way anybody can describe him, but why does he care so much about Ezra's feelings.

Or why he even is there in the city in the first place.

All Ezra wanted was to be the perfect son for his family.

But maybe Sean wants to show him, that being perfect maybe what he wants, but it isn't what he needs.

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(Cover made by @FloraKnight)

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MoopyDoop MoopyDoop Jul 01, 2016
I wuv it so much!!!! Ezra was one of my favorite characters in your other book! Please keep up the good-no-Great-no- MARVELOUS work!!!😊😊😊
DudeNobodyGivesAShit DudeNobodyGivesAShit Jul 01, 2016
Awesome job! Im super excited to get to read this and learn more about Ezras back story especially after we saw him in your other book. Its absolutely fabulous! ❤
AyahIbrahim AyahIbrahim Jul 01, 2016
No. Nononononononono u can't leave me like this. Whyyyyyyy? Fml
- - Jul 01, 2016
Though I don't have time atm to read this chapter, I'm really excited to read a story about how being gay isn't a bad thing from a gay person's view. I'm glad you are writing this book.
savvy1873 savvy1873 Jul 01, 2016
This sounds like its going to be an amazing story! Ive always wondered aboht ezra and we get a story about him! Yaaaaaay! (its 2am and i just drank a mtn dew. Dont judge)
dear_whoever dear_whoever Jul 01, 2016
I like it :3 I know this is going to be a great story. Keep it up :D