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I'm not as weak as you think

I'm not as weak as you think

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メイガンチュウ By MayganChu Updated Oct 01, 2016

I was told to quit as a ninja by Kakashi Hatake. He thought I was to weak and kind to be one. So I ran away from the village to prove myself. I met the Akatsuki and became a member at age 12. They trained me to become a cold-blooded killer. They let me go back to the Hidden Leaf to live there and to prove my loyalty. But, I secretly give information to the, so called, enemy. I am Sakura Haruno and this is my story.

Sasuke never left the village and Naruto stayed in the village to train with Jiraya.

lullaby234 lullaby234 May 07
It's an introduction Tobi... You need to calm down or no dessert for you
Frisk_Dreemurr-mercy Frisk_Dreemurr-mercy Dec 31, 2016
The omlett was filled with and NARTO!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Why would they just tell her their names is their wanted criminals
ruwehlah ruwehlah Dec 01, 2016
When I  find something I like, I always either have a small amount of money or none at all. WHYY?!
I'll show Konoha just how weak I am???!!!!! I just read that three times
*gasps* THE WORLDS GONNA END SASUKE SMILED! EVERYONE HIDE!*people scream, run, and hide while Sasuke looks at me with a face saying wtf*