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I'm not as weak as you think

I'm not as weak as you think

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メイガンチュウ By MayganChu Updated Oct 01, 2016

I was told to quit as a ninja by Kakashi Hatake. He thought I was to weak and kind to be one. So I ran away from the village to prove myself. I met the Akatsuki and became a member at age 12. They trained me to become a cold-blooded killer. They let me go back to the Hidden Leaf to live there and to prove my loyalty. But, I secretly give information to the, so called, enemy. I am Sakura Haruno and this is my story.

Sasuke never left the village and Naruto stayed in the village to train with Jiraya.

The-Torn-Blossom The-Torn-Blossom Dec 31, 2016
The omlett was filled with and NARTO!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Why would they just tell her their names is their wanted criminals
WebbBanana123 WebbBanana123 Sep 16, 2016
I was watching a comedy romance while reading this. It made this look weird.
ruwehlah ruwehlah Dec 01, 2016
When I  find something I like, I always either have a small amount of money or none at all. WHYY?!
Fukanzen_Hyuga Fukanzen_Hyuga 3 days ago
I'll show Konoha just how weak I am???!!!!! I just read that three times
*gasps* THE WORLDS GONNA END SASUKE SMILED! EVERYONE HIDE!*people scream, run, and hide while Sasuke looks at me with a face saying wtf*