My step little brother (Alois Trancy x Male reader)

My step little brother (Alois Trancy x Male reader)

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Your mother gives the news that she's getting married in your age of 15 and that you are moving with your new father far away from your home town. You though it was crazy, but what you don't know is that you are stuck with his spoiled kid, Alois Trancy. 

Season 1 ended

This is modern life and Alois is 13.

I have trouble imagining ppl in victorian age casual wear with headphones and a phone =_=;; ._.
Me : He is how should I put it different you could say but🤔...........*looks around and then whispers*he's bipolar😰✋
                              Alois : what about bipolar?😜
                              Me : A-Alois when d-did you get here😨
Why in fucks name would i be excited to have a whore as a little brother?
WhyIsMimoTaken WhyIsMimoTaken 2 days ago
No, me! Ew on you!!!! The first thing I should be asking for is a huge bucket of ice cream and an exclusive meeting with Dan and Phil, NOT unpacking! What a stupid cûnt.
Moose_7862 Moose_7862 Apr 15
My mom and her boyfriend have been dating for 9 years and I still call him by his first name 😂😂
WhyIsMimoTaken WhyIsMimoTaken 2 days ago
I'm a female reader.. Shhhhhh... But hey, I can be a guy sometimes. I'm super manly, spiders don't even scare me.