Orphan ~ereri~

Orphan ~ereri~

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Help my soul By sugaa_sugaa Completed

Eren is a teenage boy who lives in a foster home and the lady who adopted him abuses the family. 

Eren trys to protect all the other kids who live there. 

He gets bullied a lot at school but always has a smile for the younger kids in the foster home 

And one day his bully finds out about what happens in his foster house and might change his mind about hurting him 

Foster kids:
Eren 17
Mikasa 13
Jean 13
Armin 6
Christa 5

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phichit-chulathai phichit-chulathai Nov 17, 2017
Erwin: Who is my chemical romance?
                              Me: WhO iS mY cHeMiCaL rOmAnCe
-SplitPersonality- -SplitPersonality- Nov 17, 2017
Oh wow well that escalated veeeeeeeeeeeery quickly from putting on clothes to cutting yourself
Aaron_Puppers Aaron_Puppers 4 days ago
I just screamed at my phone. I need help. I might kill captain eyebrows now.
Black_Moon46 Black_Moon46 Nov 20, 2017
I wanted to get mad then I realized, he wasn’t very wrong...
-potato-Gurl- -potato-Gurl- Dec 24, 2017
*reminding me of suicide hotline* *cries because that was a damn good fanfic*
Black_Moon46 Black_Moon46 Nov 20, 2017
You. You, *super saiyan power up yelling* YOU UNCULTURED SWINE!!!! *sky dragon! Iron Dragon! Fire dragon!!.... ROAR*