Siren Song (Yandere Freddy X Blind Reader)

Siren Song (Yandere Freddy X Blind Reader)

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Better Off Dead By HammerOfRage Completed

In Grecian mythology, the siren was considered a beautiful woman whose voice lured sailors to their death...

But here, in present time, the siren has been captured by one who cannot die.

And he won't let go.

EXCUSE ME BISH I CAN SING PERFECTLY FINE!! *is verry offended* lol I'm sorry I lost my head there
The Cover is by Kawacy very talented artist on DeviantArt 😋
Spooky scary skeletons! Haha! I meant Spooky Scary Endoskeletons!
Me: Hey I am not finishing your job just so you can yell at Freddy! Get back to work.