don't call me a mug you pinecone; c.v

don't call me a mug you pinecone; c.v

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You were just about to start college in Utah. You are excited anticipating a new adventure. You weren't looking for love you didn't expect to find it either, you are a total geek video games is the only extra curricular activity you know and care about. You are even majoring in film. Your life was great it seemed until the day you made eye contact with Calvin, a cyberbully and a mug but you couldn't help having a crush on him all the same.


Oh god was that description bad xDD that's the first proper one I've ever written. I hope you people like this I've been intently researching (totally not stalking) Leafy's social media to find out stuff for this book. I really hope you enjoy sorry if it sucks or is super cringy.                          •_____- winky whale.

Also credit to my editor fanboyswhereareyou
Signing out ~buthowaboutno

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megan3hunna megan3hunna Oct 02
*whispers* i am a high-functioning sociopath do your research
Pumpkin_ink Pumpkin_ink Jun 13
My ex's name is Alex..... but we're still best friends but he dissapeared for 3 months
hiderplayz hiderplayz Jul 07
Anime my best friend, but I got no boyfriend sooo...... At least I got anime :D
warriorrock68 warriorrock68 Oct 12, 2016
How did you know I was a fan of legend of zelda...have....have you been stalking me
I literally just stuffed my face into my pillow because of how cringy this was
Calysia_Gaming Calysia_Gaming Dec 12, 2016
How is he so damn cute? God damn it... No wonder he has so many crazy fan girls xD