Stealing Your Heart

Stealing Your Heart

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Blowing Fog By Unique_Blackness Updated 7 days ago

Hi,Welcome to McDonald's can i take your order?" I said to the 100th person today.

I'm starting to regret ever working here. But i Didn't wanna Work at my dads Company.

"Hello!" I see a hand waving in front of my face pulling me out my thoughts.

"Yes?" I looked at the old lady with little kids running around her in circle's.

"Did you get my order?" I looked down at the screen seeing that there wasn't nothing on there.

I smiled at her nicely "Sorry ma'am do you mind repeating your order?" I asked her.

She rolled her eyes and said her order over. 


bffl29834 bffl29834 Jan 12
Of course😊she's used to getting dicked down, and shoving 30 hotdogs in her mouth