Misfits | Neville Longbottom [HIATUS]

Misfits | Neville Longbottom [HIATUS]

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♪What's My Name♫ By Jtsquared4 Updated Aug 26

Being normal was all Jennifer wanted. To her, blending in would have been the best gift in the world.

Unfortunately, that couldn't happen. 

Not only was she born with a magical power that she wanted nothing to do with, but people automatically assumed that she was crazy because of her mother. 

When a sudden realization about her past was revealed, Jennifer couldn't shake the nagging suspicion of being watched. And with her mother being extra loopy, asking her for help wasn't an option. Jennifer and her friend Neville must embark on a journey filled with twists, turns, and dead ends all the while trying not to draw any attention to themselves. But that seems next to impossible because at Hogwarts, everyone notices a misfit.

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-bisexyyyy -bisexyyyy Jul 21
My name was originally going to be Jennifer, but my parents chose Christine because it was more unique
TheQuietDragon TheQuietDragon Dec 16, 2016
                              I LIKE IT
TheQuietDragon TheQuietDragon Dec 16, 2016
Not fücking true they love to help at all times even if you're interrupting.
                              There are around five hundred house elves, they can deal with a few being distracted
spacethyme spacethyme Jul 12, 2016
Dumbledore oh my god! :'D 
                              Keep going, this is pretty good!
sorry for the interuption, but it's actually 'foresaw'.
                              PS your books are my life