Nerd Or Not, You'Re Mine

Nerd Or Not, You'Re Mine

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Bluebubblezz By Bluebubblezz Updated Feb 17, 2015


Chapter 1

My name is Xavier Blade. I am the future alpha of pack Moonfire, a well-known pack for their strengh. My family is perfect for a alpha family.

My father, Ryan Blade, is the present alpha. He is merciless and fierce but loving and caring for his family. And, He is totally whipped for his mate, my mom.

My mom is what a mate, a son, a friend, can look for. She is kind and understanding. Perfect fit for luna.

Well last but not the least, My brother Alexander, he is a total... man-whore to be accurate. He is charming and will never turn down the opportunity to bang a bimbo here or there.

Unlike me, he enjoys his life to the fullest. My father chose me as the future alpha, and it's tiring helping my dad doing alpha jobs.

Today is my 18th birthday and its the day my wolf will fully awake for his mate. Hmmm... Mate.... I love this word... I always feel a pinch of jealousy when I look at my parents. I hope I can take care and give pleasure to my mate same way.


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_RosesAreWhite_ _RosesAreWhite_ Aug 12, 2014
I just started reading your book and I'm already in love with it 
_RosesAreWhite_ _RosesAreWhite_ Aug 12, 2014
Why can't people outside of the books I read think like that 
blazeprincess blazeprincess Jul 01, 2014
Its good but it would have been better. There are a lot of grammar mistakes that makes it difficult to understand. Edit it and it will be splendid.
Unknown_Song Unknown_Song Jun 11, 2014
That's so cute... Why can't boys in real life be like that? Why!?!?
EnchantedWere22 EnchantedWere22 Oct 19, 2013
It's kind of cute and then it gets naughty and then cutesy again. Great job! :)
moniquelove14 moniquelove14 Aug 12, 2013
im soooooo sorry for this but this story doesn't make any sense I mean the sentences aren't even sentences its like the ppl cant even speak English