Blade of Erogrund

Blade of Erogrund

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Josiah Mork By mrimagination01 Completed

Twenty years passed in silence since the Kingdom of Niron had stretched throughout the Far North from the Emerald Sea to the North Peaks. Armies of the remnant Kingdom ravage the woods mercilessly but the winds of change have begun to blow their cold breath through the Elderwood trees. 

Dunn - a village of the north - is one among many but when fire falls upon it in the night Godric finds himself thrown into a world far from that read about in books. Alone with the sole surviving companion, a girl by the name of Mira, Godric is left to discover the cold truth in the woods of Niron. Alone, that is, until taken captive by a mysterious band of travelers that promise to unearth the truth about the forgotten kingdom. 

Mystery burns as hotly as Dragonfire in this stirring novel of courage, intrigue, and secrecy where every page peels back the shadows to reveal a new conspiracy, sharpened blade, or coiling Dragon. 

Cover by @ShreyaMoonlighty
Highest Rank(s)- #24 in Fantasy 2-9-20, #2 in Mercenaries 7-8-18,  #31 in Warrior 7-8-2018