Life is Hard (baby Zayn)

Life is Hard (baby Zayn)

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Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer are a happily married couple.


After 3 years of marriage, Danielle gave birth to a boy. His name was Andy, then Louis came after 2 years, and after another 2 years they got Harry, and then finally came Niall.

And that was it. They had 4 cute little boys and they lived happily.

That was till a random 30 year old woman came  knocking on their door demanding for them to take her son Zayn. If they said no. The woman threatened them promising to tell the police that Liam raped her.

What will they do? Will they take baby Zayn, or will the just hire a lawyer and let him deal with this?


One thing is for sure their family will never be the same..


Disclaimer :
Life Is Hard (baby Zayn)© is rightfully owned by skinnyLoveB
Nothing in this story is true. it's all pure fiction.

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You mean 19 years right because in the intro it said that they had Andy after 2 years of getting married and Andy is 17.
ZaynAnus ZaynAnus Jun 22
When I see that " I love my life " It reminds me of Video Diary...
                              Kevin [*]
femalealphaluna femalealphaluna Jun 30, 2015
I imagine Niall having to chose between the life of the boys and food and him choosing food
Alenko17 Alenko17 Aug 10, 2013
Like here is how your 2nd sentence should go:
                              After 3 years of marriage, Niall gets pregnant, it was a boy and they named him Louis.
skinnyLoveB skinnyLoveB Aug 10, 2013
@Alenko17  thanks, but like what. can you tell me like an example of where i did wrong?
Alenko17 Alenko17 Aug 10, 2013
The idea sounds really good but can you please work on your grammar? Thats my only request. Otherwise I cant wait.