Losing Sanity (Sam x Taurtis) [SLOW UPDATES]

Losing Sanity (Sam x Taurtis) [SLOW UPDATES]

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"Always." By Astriella Updated Mar 27

[SEQUEL TO: "Fitting In (Sam x Taurtis)"]

Taurtis is now in an asylum, which makes Sam very sad. He eventually becomes really depressed. But all is fixed in the end... Right?


RUN SAM RUN!!!! ILL DEAL WITH TAURTIS!!!! (I hope I don't have to seriously hurt him! But if it protects Sam's innocent life, I might have to.....)
PineTreeCosplayer PineTreeCosplayer Jul 25, 2016
Oh my god I'm listening to sad crap while reading this... what even is my life?
KingFlutterbutt KingFlutterbutt Aug 19, 2016
My sister is obsessed with black Butler. This is a combination of both of our fandoms. XD
Catt56 Catt56 Jul 22, 2016
                              ._________________________________. <- so derp
TheDianiteWolf TheDianiteWolf Jul 24, 2016
Whathappend with grain and his relationship?
                              *turns head toward sam*
                              Oh wait what happened to you? You should really get a knife from Yuki or better yet get a Yuki bodyguard (25% off if you also purchase a Bloody Knife, both located in the murder section, no rufunds)