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Don't Kill Alice

Don't Kill Alice

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Meaghan By LadyDestinysTradgedy Updated Dec 19, 2010

Don’t Kill Alice
Revenge, everyone wants it, one way or another.

Sometime in the Twenty First Century, 2010.
	Alice isn’t normal, no; she’s not quite human...anymore. At the simple age of eighteen she was turned into an animal for her own protection, a protection that never worked. For she was killed anyways. Once, everyone thought she was gone though, she surprises them by coming back, & every time, but it isn’t because of the animal in her?! It’s for revenge? & she won’t stop coming back until she gets it, no matter how many times she dies?  But this time Alice will find a new surprise that may cause a setback on her plans, the twenty first century. The time were getting away with murder, even if the one you intended to murder is now a doll, is not as easy as you’d think. & also the time where boys, gangs & school can become a bother in your plans & cause you major set backs. But will Alice be able to succeed what she has come back for & be able to rest in peace finally? Or will the twenty first century throw surprises at her and cause her to stall? Because even Alice knows that if she accomplishes what she has come to do, this will be the last time she will ever set foot on earth.

“Love is a sweet caresses that we will hold forever, cherish, but you ruined that.”

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