Zankura Academy (Yaoi BoyxBoy)

Zankura Academy (Yaoi BoyxBoy)

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FujoshiFox By Annonano Updated Dec 14, 2014

The moment Abisha Ares entered the acknowledged all-boys school of Zankura Academy, the moment everything went upside down; for the good or for the bad. The demonic heir of the feared family has taken over the school as the student council president and at that same time all hell breaks loose.

However, one red-head had taken up the challenge to tame the Tsundere demon king and melt his heart of ice. This masochist of a youth lives by the name of Connor Hollis, the rebel of the well-known strict business family. A marriage proposal in hand directed at Abisha, off he goes.

Will love forms between the demon king and the traveler or will it be filled with only hatred and slavery? Only the future of Zankura Academy knows and so vice-versa. 
Idiot couple of the year so to say.

WARNING: Boy x Boy, Yaoi, PG - 13
DISCLAIMER: I do not own original art of the book cover. All credits goes to the wonderful artist. I filtered it a bit lol sorry.

(Second book of the upcoming SIN Project: Pride)

LoveAoT31 LoveAoT31 Jul 23
A word that is not for my age....(I actually went and look up in the dictionaryT^T)
I was just like.. I wanna go there... Then the author was like hehe nope
That's my OC ;-; except my OC is female... She has white hair and scarlet eyes....they're secretly related somehow XD
I face palm at the memory of my fist encounter with condoms
                              I thought they were balloons
                              very sticky and slimy
                              but balloons
Mine's an eagle. 
                              Wait.. Zeus.
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An owl
                              Am I the only. One thinking FUKURODANI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!