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The Light of Day (Septiplier) (CURRENTLY EDITING)

The Light of Day (Septiplier) (CURRENTLY EDITING)

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HuskyPoweeerrr By HuskyPoweeerrr Completed

Life can be hard for everyone, it's just how it's always been, and always will be. Jack has known that for a long time. He's been bullied since grade school, lost his mom at a young age, and has an abusive dad, leading Jack to start cutting. When he moves to America to live with his aunt at age 17, he meets friends and enemies, but a specific friend stands out. Mark. He's, different. He understands Jack in a different way, a better way.
Come with Jack in a world of friendship,   love, and life. Can Mark save Jack, show him that life is only hard if that's what you make it, and show him the light, or will he be forever trapped in the dark?

Literally my mom on my first day of highschool 
                              And then there is me like
                              "No mom just no"
jodieisalive jodieisalive Dec 20, 2016
This is literally my time table on a Wednesday except I have German instead of spanish
DarkDragon_Lost DarkDragon_Lost Sep 17, 2016
What?! I'm Spanish,and is so funny ear that.(Bad English,I know)
septiplierawwway septiplierawwway Sep 15, 2016
Its not dumb... Imagine just starting middle school.and being trampled by highschool seniors...
Bilbogirl Bilbogirl Dec 05, 2016
It's funny to hear English people speaking in Spanish! (In a good way, I'm not judging anyone) I'm spanish, but I didn't get what did you wanted to say!
StephanieHernndezRod StephanieHernndezRod Jul 27, 2016
Did you use Google transaste for this? I speak Spanish (I'm Mexican) and I didn't really understand it XD