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Epsilon and his Army of Chaos (Watty's 2013) [COMPLETED]

Epsilon and his Army of Chaos (Watty's 2013) [COMPLETED]

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[ON SEMI-PERMANANT HIATUS] By MissMythoMagic Completed

I took one last, longing glance at my former home over my shoulder. I wished I could stay, but what was there to stay for? Annabeth deserted me, my father hated me and the campers no longer knew me as the hero who saved Olympus twice. This is the end, I thought. Taking a deep breath and blinking back tears in my eyes, I stepped through the portal.

10 000 years later, Percy is Commander Epsilon, leader of the Elite team in Lord Chaos' army. With his warriors by his side, they are all forced to return to Camp-Half Blood to save the planet from the darkest force in all the known worlds.

Can Percy forgive those who betrayed him in time to save Earth from Destruction?

This is the disclaimer for the whole book. I don't own any Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus characters (If only!). Rick Riordan does (Lucky him!).

This book was written before the House of Hades. Please forgive any mistakes made because of this. Try for a little imagination ;)

I has a question. So if this is a fanfiction, shouldn't his face be the color of mahogany?😏
bloodbatman123 bloodbatman123 Dec 09, 2016
THE END HAS COME!!!!!! Percy respectful is like Zeus will stop cheating on Hera!!!!!
Percy wouldn't bow for anybody he be like (does Beyonce hair flip ) Umm no tea no shade or anything but who the hell is this irrelevant boring as hell heffa doing in my domain
TheOriginalClone TheOriginalClone 5 days ago
Percy would've been like
                              'Gtfo of here man or I swear I will call the harpies'
                              Immortal: I have a deal with you-
                              Percy: nope nu no no puedo no gracias nope
JessieMarieAnnCarter JessieMarieAnnCarter Dec 06, 2016
I've seen these exact words in another fanfic 😒😒😒😴
thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 Oct 22, 2016
'Hold your breath and count to ten
                              Feel the earth move and then, 
                              This is the sky fall......'