Overwatch(Various) X Reader!

Overwatch(Various) X Reader!

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Nova By WaffleCake00 Updated Nov 05, 2016


Let the fandom rise!

:3 Enjoy!~

~Note: I do not own Overwatch in any way, shape or form. It belongs to Blizzard Entertainment©~

ColtWheeler ColtWheeler Oct 04, 2016
D. Va x OC please.  ^^  (ask if you want to see a pic of my oc. ^^)
sophee_xoxo sophee_xoxo Jun 18, 2016
Hanzo x Self-Conscious! Reader? Like, Reader is super sweet and does her best to cheer others up, but is hard on herself? Maybe? Sorry if that scenario sucks haha, just an idea to try and help you out cx
IxchelTheNobody IxchelTheNobody Nov 17, 2016
How about Tracer x male reader? Except that all of the overwatch characters are in their game and can see the gamer(aka the male reader) and Tracer is the first one to talk to him and might have a slight crush on him.
DaughterofGull21 DaughterofGull21 Jun 24, 2016
This might sound crazy but could you do a Winston x human female reader where it takes place after the museum incident
Kipiekie Kipiekie Aug 17, 2016
If its not too much, could ya do a Lucio x sick reader please?
HeatherHorton252 HeatherHorton252 Jun 20, 2016
Please if you have time do A Reinhardt x reader! If you did I would Make you a story too