Overwatch(Various) X Reader!

Overwatch(Various) X Reader!

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(・ω・)ノ By WaffleCake00 Updated Apr 10, 2017


Let the fandom rise!

:3 Enjoy!~

~Note: I do not own Overwatch in any way, shape or form. It belongs to Blizzard Entertainment©~

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VioletTheDragon111 VioletTheDragon111 Mar 16, 2017
Okay first thing, yes another no lemon or smut fan!!!! And second, could you do maybe a Genji x Dragon-human hybrid reader? Or maybe a D.Va x gamer reader?
ColtWheeler ColtWheeler Oct 04, 2016
D. Va x OC please.  ^^  (ask if you want to see a pic of my oc. ^^)
- - Nov 17, 2016
How about Tracer x male reader? Except that all of the overwatch characters are in their game and can see the gamer(aka the male reader) and Tracer is the first one to talk to him and might have a slight crush on him.
Kipiekie Kipiekie Aug 17, 2016
If its not too much, could ya do a Lucio x sick reader please?
Minepearl Minepearl Feb 25, 2017
Zenyatta x shy reader
                              Reaper x hurt scared reader
                              76 x self confidence reader
DooleyReed DooleyReed Aug 18, 2016
Im not even sure if youre still doing this but could you do ZaryaxReader?